No White Saviors
6 min readDec 3, 2019


We are only able to do what we do because you show up to honor our work. When you stand with us and invest in No White Saviors, you are showing a tangible example of how things should be done. TOGETHER, WE ARE CREATING THE NEW STANDARD.

It is the holiday season, a time for giving, and your opportunity to show up and contribute to this work in a tangible way. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in total on Giving Tuesday. We know this might seem lofty, however, there are many of you in our communities who appreciate our work, so we believe that this target is absolutely obtainable. We appreciate your feedback and kind words but we need your INVESTMENT. There are FIVE ways to contribute to our FIVE projects TODAY.


  1. Patreon: our Patreon community is growing strong and we invite you to join us there.
  2. Monthly donation: If you prefer a more straightforward, regular contribution, then please sign up to make a monthly donation.
  3. Buy a gift or a card: we are so excited to offer NWS merchandise! Click on the link above to see our selection of t-shirts, stickers, and mugs, or make a donation as a holiday gift for someone on our Etsy store, and you will receive an e-card you can download and send to the recipient.
  4. One time donation: see the link in our bio about ways to donate via Paypal or Venmo ( @nowhitesaviors )
  5. Share and engage: For those of you who can’t make a financial contribution, we ask that you help spread the word by doing the following: sign up for our newsletter, share this post, follow us on our social media, comment, and tell your friends all about us!


Having access to legal representation is one of the biggest barriers for marginalized people to obtain justice. We have seen so many foreign nationals come into Uganda, abusing their privilege and access to resources. The reason many are able to continue such human rights abuses, is because they know that the communities they are harming can not stand up against them. It is one thing to theorize justice, it is another to mobilize resources to actualize it. One of the most critical ways we have been able to bring accountability and tangible action has been through many of you stepping up and contributing to the legal costs of the various cases we have been working on. Legal representation for the community and for our team has been essential in moving this work forward. This is how a small, grass-roots organization like us can stand against the tallest of giants (white supremacy and the money that comes with it). Our goal on Giving Tuesday is to raise at least $5,000 for our Legal Advocacy Fund.

As a team, we are constantly being sent information about problematic individuals and organizations. While we are unable to look into and investigate every case, we do our best to look into the most concerning inquiries we receive. In the past, this has included cases like Renee Bach, Bery Glaser and Trafficking through Inter-Country Adoption.

Renee Bach is the American missionary who practiced medicine on children in Uganda with no medical training, 100s of children died in her “care”, we have sponsored the legal representation for the families of the victims. Bery Glaser spent more than 10 years trafficking and sexually abusing young girls in Kalangala (Islands in Lake Victoria), we have raised the funds needed to open a safe shelter for the survivors in this case. We regularly discuss Trafficking through Inter-Country Adoption, and our work in this area includes providing legal representation to biological families who had their children taken under fraudulent and corrupt adoptions.

Being able to investigate thoroughly requires facilitation costs. We have found that exposing specific cases of harmful, violent white saviorism is one of the most effective ways to bring about accountability and change. This GIVING TUESDAY, please consider contributing to our Investigation Fund. The goal for this project is to raise $2,000 which will be spent on the legal expenses as well as facilitation for investigations into the most concerning cases referred to our team.

It is important for us to keep this space free and accessible to as many people as possible. At the same time, we understand that the education and sensitization we provide here is not accessible to all people, especially those who do not have access to social media or face other barriers to engaging on this platform. The education we provide is two-fold: Validating the experiences of African people and holding foreigners accountable to do better. As a team, we believe that education is at the core of decolonizing the mind and liberating the people. We are able to provide certain resources for a fee, while making such services free to the Ugandan community. We are also aware that others outside of Uganda may be in need of our support and education but unable to afford compensation. When you contribute to the EDUCATION fund, you will be supporting the NWS team to mobilize within Uganda as well as provide sponsorship for those to access our services who could not otherwise afford. The education within Uganda includes: speaking at universities, sensitizing the community and holding more specialized training sessions. The sponsorship for consultation/individual education would be for students and other foreign nationals who are unable to afford to compensate for our time and effort. Our target for funding this project on Giving Tuesday is to raise $4,000 which will be spent on facilitating educational events within Uganda.

Our fifth and final project you can help fund is the partner projects we run through Kusimama Collaboratives. We do not only want to criticize those who are getting it wrong but provide real examples of how to get it right. This is why we prioritize the support of Ugandan-lead organizations addressing critical needs within their communities. The organizations we are currently partnering with are: Zion Family Support, Lily of the Valley, Emmanuel Education Fund and CHEE Uganda. These start-up organizations are fighting hard to raise the funds necessary to be able to deliver quality services to some of our most vulnerable citizens. Their work includes: malnutrition support for vulnerable communities, shelters for survivors of sex trafficking, business training and social support for families at-risk for being separated, as well as educational sponsorship for conflict-affected communities in Northern Uganda. Tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday, we will invite you to contribute to a $500 grant to each of our four partner organizations. The goal is to raise $2,000 in total for this project.

While many of you only see our online presence, we have a fully functioning office on the ground as well. At first, our team was working remotely and required minimal funding. As we have grown and expanded our work, it has required taking on new team members, both full and part-time as well as establishing our organization as an NGO with a physical space in Kampala, Uganda. In order to maintain this space, it requires monthly rent, internet and utilities. In order to sustain our team, we need to provide compensation and facilitation for NWS members to oversee all activities online and in the field. Our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal for Administration Costs is $2,000 and this will cover example 6 months rent, wifi and utility costs to run our office.

If 1% of our followers gave $15 each, we would raise more than double our goal! Please consider contributing to honor our work.